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"One of the best decisions we made right at the start was to join the PPA. The benefits in terms of cash savings alone more than outweigh the membership cost by far. The opportunities to exchange ideas with other operators are an enormous help – especially if you are just starting out" - Carolyn Maxey (Adventure Point)

"Myself and my business partner Kerry joined the PPA over 18 months ago and have certainly found great benefits from being members. We attended the PPA workshop sessions at the LIW in Sept 08 and not only was the information provided by the executive team invaluable but listening to other owners experiences helped too. It was a great opportunity for us to meet other owners who were having similar issues or even better could offer solutions to our problems. The sessions are a great opportunity to network and all members must make the effort to attend. Myself and Kerry have already implemented changes to our services based on knowledge taken from these sessions and it has made a positive impact in our business. - Liz Davies (Cheeky Chimps)

"We joined the PPA at the end of 2008 and financially it has already proved to be a great decision for our business. Streamline have forecast that we will save £4000 per annum on our card processing alone so I am delighted with this result. I will recover membership costs of joining the PPA inside 6 weeks so for us membership is a no brainer really.” - Darren Peckitt (Ruff N Tumble)
“I believe that joining the PPA is an excellent business move for any single site provider. With a cost of £250 a year I gain in excess of £440 in savings plus the networking opportunities.” -Nigel Tyler (Kidz Planet)

“The PPA is a fantastic forum for both existing play operators and new entrants alike to share ideas to continue to improve our range of services. Those play operators who are serious about safety, quality and service consistency will be bale, through the PPA, to improve the image performance and success of the UK Indoor Play Industry as a whole- Adrian Phillips (Bumpi‟s Big Adventure)

“It is great to be a part of our recognised trade body and in an association alongside other operators who share the same vision, to make the PPA the vehicle to drive towards quality in the play industry. The PPA is the ideal forum to share our thoughts and problemsand look to solve them collectively as an industry. The PPA is very much the future of our industry” -Janice Dunphy (Creepy Crawlies)

“Scallywags joined the PPA at this years LIW because we believe it gives a strong endorsement to what we are offering, that is that we care about safety and quality standards. We are always looking at ways to enhance customer experiences and these values match the PPA‟s. We are proud to show that we are a member of our industries recognised body as we progress plans for further sites. The range of business discounts that the PPA offer are an additional bonus for us” Jon Skelding (Scallywags)

“The indoor play industry has been sidelined and ignored for too long and suffers from a poor public image. The PPA allows providers, who take their position in the play industry seriously, to be recognised and be heard by the government in order that consistent health and safety standards and guidelines can be achieved”- Nick Hearn (Funky Monkeys)

“The PPA has worked very hard negotiating and securing excellent discounts normally reserved only for the larger organisations. The Card processing discounts alone will cover the costs of an Annual Membership! It really is a case of strength in numbers and as the PPA grows; so will the benefits enjoyed by all of its members.” -Darren Johnson (Eddie Catz)

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