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Membership of the PPA will entitle you to preferential rates and offers from the PPA's exclusive providers through our Suppliers Scheme.


Booker, Cash and Carry


 Company Background

Booker supply approximately 305,000 catering businesses and 73,000 independent retailers and operate from 172 cash and carry branches throughout the United Kingdom as well as having a national delivery service.

Offer to PPA Members

A 2% (effective from 1st April 2018) rebate scheme on all non tobacco products, excluding phone cards & VAT purchases. Rebates are paid quarterly to PPA members.


Our local Booker branch has always provided exceptional service – even picking up on potential ‘miss orders’ prior to delivery and checking that I really need those extra items outside my standard order profile but now as key PPA partners - the added value of on line ordering, FREE delivery service and the quarterly 5% rebate on my purchases makes the weekly stock management process a lot less painful !!- Tracey Bancroft, Ezeeeplay 


Blue Box Socks, Socks

Blue Box Socks

Company Background
Blue Box Socks is a leading supplier of disposable footwear in the UK and internationally.

Offer to PPA Members
We would like to provide all members of the PPA with a £10.00 discount for every box of socks purchased.






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