The Play Providers Association

Play 2 Learn

Play has many benefits for children and young people, their families and the wider community, It is through play that children and young people learn and understand the world around them.

  • Play contributes to the physical and mental health of children and young people, and contributes to social, physical, intellectual, cultural, emotional and psychological development.
  • Positive play experiences can help to reduce anti-social behaviour and levels of crime.
  • Through play, children can test their boundaries and challenge themselves.

Play is known to develop children‟s CONFIDENCE and SELF ESTEEM all of which will lead to higher educational aspirations leading to better job prospects.

  • Play services can provide opportunities for community involvement and social interaction. Play provisions bring economic benefits through jobs and training for the local community.
  • Good play provision enables parents to return to work or undertake training. This leads to a better-trained workforce, lower un employment levels and higher household incomes.
  • Play provision often acts as a focal point for parents and carers to meet, giving them an opportunity to socialise with other adults.

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