The Play Providers Association

PAR - Working in Partnership for Play

PAR is the name for the newly created indoor play alliance formed by:

  • The Play Providers Association PPA
  • The Association Of Play Industries API
  • The Register of Play Inspectors International RPII


The main aim of the alliance is to raise standards and for the associations to work more effectively in partnership on projects and issues of mutual benefit to form a stronger voice for the indoor play sector and to facilitate its development and growth. Each association shares similar goals in that we strive for better, safer, more exciting and commercially viable children’s indoor play centres. By taking this collaborative approach we aim to:

  • Create accurate industry data, information and reports
  • Promote high standards and best practice
  • Work in partnership with other related organisations to promote indoor play
  • Provide advice and highlight best practice for new start ups
  • Facilitate joint events, seminars and online information to support PAR’s work.

Play Providers Association (PPA)

The PPA represents leading indoor play centre operators in the UK. We aim to PROMOTE, DEVELOP and PROTECT the interests of all our members and encourage children’s physical activity through play, championing the health benefits.

Association of Play Industries (API)

The API is the lead trade body in the play sector; representing a diverse cross section of manufacturers, installers, designers and distributors of indoor and outdoor play equipment and safer surfacing.

Register of Play Inspectors International (RPII)

For providers of Contained, Indoor or Soft Play Equipment, independent RPII inspectors conduct Post-Installation and Annual Safety Inspections and report in line with current European and British Standards / Guidelines including Part 11 of BS EN 1176”.

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