The Play Providers Association
06 May 2011

Lucrative Retail Opportunity for PPA Members

Kids are going crazy for Real Fruit FRENZY!, the funky frozen lolly in a squeezy tube. Kids love them because they’re zingy, fruity and fun, and parents love them because they’re packed with 100% real fruit, without a flavouring, preservative or E number in sight.


The bright, colourful packaging of Real Fruit FRENZY! has amazing impact, creating a lucrative retail opportunity and complementary revenue stream for play centres. And you can be sure that you are providing your customers with an ethical, quality product, bursting with fruity goodness.

The company supports the government’s Change 4 Life campaign which promotes healthy eating and regular exercise, and echoes the benefits of children’s indoor play.

"The lollies have even been described as ‘vitamins in disguise’ as they help children lick their way to five (portions of fruit) a day"

Start stocking Real Fruit FRENZY! today by contacting PPA Supplier Members Ice Cream World on 01209 313182 or your local Ice Cream World member. With your first order you will receive fantastic FREE point of sale material including branded flags, posters and stickers. Meet the growing customer demand for kid-friendly healthy ice lollies!

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Sarah Smith
Yummy Lollies Ltd - 'The Grocer Awards 2011 WINNER!'
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