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BS8409 and the Health and Safety Executive recommended that indoor play areas should have at least one independent annual inspection each year. The new European standard 1176-10 includes...


5.5 The instructions for maintenance shall include advice or statements on the following...

e) That an annual inspection shall be carried out by a competant person with knowledge or experience in the type of facility, to audit proceedures and identify long term problems giving special attention to "sealedĀ for life" parts

Annual Reports are likely to indicate:

  1. Compliance with standards and notification of major failures where these are related to accidents and an assessment of
    risk given
  2. Notification of faults and suggested remedial action
  3. An indication of the risk

The PPA, as part of its commitment to raise standards, only recommends using an RPII inspector for annual and post installation inspections. Every PPA member commits to this inspection on an annual basis. For an update to date list of "competant" RPII indoor inspectors please visit

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