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Change4Life is a society-wide movement that aims to prevent people from becoming overweight by encouraging them to eat better and move more. These days, 'modern life' can mean that we're a lot less active. With so many opportunities to watch TV or play computer games, and with so much convenience and fast food available, we don't move about as much, or eat as well as we used to. Which means that 9 out of 10 kids today could grow up with dangerous amounts of fat in their bodies. This can cause life-threatening diseases like cancer, type 2 diabetes and heart disease - so it’s really important that we do something about it.

"Eat Well, Move More, Live Longer"

Why Change4Life?

Making a Change4Life doesn't need to be difficult. With a little help, it can be really rewarding and fun! Take note of these 8 simple behaviour changes...

  • Up and About
  • 60 Active Minutes
  • 5 A Day
  • Meal Time
  • Snack Check
  • Me Sized Meals
  • Cut Back Fat
  • Sugar Swaps



Why should you support Change4Life?

If we carry on as we are, 90 percent of today’s children could be overweight or obese by 2050. We all need to address the rise in obesity for the sake of the future health of our children. The importance of health care practitioners to the success of Change4Life cannot be over-emphasised. As trusted advisers, you are influential and many in the health service will be the first point of contact for young families with at-risk children.

PPA and Change 4 Life

The Play Providers Association fully supports the vision of Change4Life and Play4Life is our way to demonstrate this support. To find out more about play4life click here or alternatively follow the links below to find out more from the partners that we are working with also supporting Change4Life...

Change4Life website - The main DH website- get your family supporting C4L here

Business4Life website- The PPA is a member of Business4life- the coalition representing leading companies who support C4L

Britvic- Our play4life sponsors


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