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The PPA has 3 key campaign areas. Firstly we facilitate PR campaigns with top brands wishing to target Playcentre users, Secondly as an association we are lobbying the government strongly to improve access to playcentres and improve links with Primary Care Trusts and schools.

Thirdly we carry out innovative research with leading academic organisations to quantify the health benefits of using play centres and exercising on the range of activities.

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The PPA aims to promote the benefits of play in children and raise the profile of indoor play within the leisure sector

Please navigate around the campaign pages for more information on PPA lobbying, the health benefits of play and running PR campaigns in member centres.

The PPA delivers unique opportunities for parents and young children to interact with your brands. We create positive brand awareness through operating centres which give children the freedom to play independently, offering activities that aid development and encourage exercise, whilst parents relax and spend quality time with their children. All this in a safe and secure environment.

Advantages for Brands

Available in over 100 Play Centre venues in the UK attracting the highest footfall, Bring your brand to life within a relevant and positive environment, Creative, engaging and highly interactive campaigns , High cut through with high impact and recall

"The PPA and all its members continually strive for excellence in customer service and are committed to raising standards in our industry"

  • 75% believe society has lost sight of the importance of play in a child’s learning process
  • 85% commented that children today grow up too fast.
  • 71% worry that without social play a child’s ability to interact with others is compromised.
  • 40% voiced concerns that children are missing out on childhood.
  • 71% thought their children frequently spent time watching television.
  • 72% agreed that getting dirty as a result of play was good for children.
  • 89% wanted to protect their children’s right to childhood.
  • 76% said their greatest hope would be for children and parents to spend more time together.
  • 78% associated increasing levels of childhood obesity with fewer hours at play.

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