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Associate Membership

The PPA has specifically created an associate membership for play operator’s pre launch. The idea of the associate membership is to allow prospect operators to have access to the PPA logo and also vital industry news and information before opening- an invaluable resource especially for those new to the industry. You will also be promoted on the PPA website and all of this is currently available for just £75.00 +VAT (annual membership)

Types/ Categories of Business which may apply:

PPA Associates will be drawn from those businesses which are prospective play centre operators.

We would recommend that a new enterant to the market who wishes to align their business with the PPA, applies for membership once they have a building secured and planning permission has been granted.

Definition of prospective play centre operator:

A play provider may only be a PPA associate member before becoming fully operational. Upon commencing trading, a PPA associate can upgrade to a full PPA member by providing the relevant references and satisfying the PPA criteria for membership. They may not remain an associate member. Therefore all businesses which run fullyoperational play centers must apply to be a PPA full member.

Criteria or requirements for Membership:

Provide two industry references ie-trade supplier, PPA or API member

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Rights of PPA Associates:

  1. To use the PPA logo
  2. Meetings- AGM: PPA associates can attend but cannot vote , General Meetings: PPA associates can attend and speak but not vote, Regional Meetings: PPA Associate members CANNOT attend regional operator meetings until they are open
  3. Details of each PPA Associate will be placed on the Associations website and in The Federation of Sports and Play Associations annual directory
  4. PPA associates will have the right to view any industry statistics or accounts produced for PPA members.
  5. PPA Associates may use any PPA cost saving benefit which is applicable (See PPA Savings Accumalator)

Annual Subscription £75+VAT

NB: The Association may determine in the General meeting the rights of PPA Associates including use of PPA logo, voting, attendance at meetings, provision of information, associate criteria and annual subscriptions and entrance fee



How to Join

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