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About Us

The PPA was established in 2005 with the aim of creating a network of play providers and acting as a forum to develop indoor play provision. In a highly fragmented market place and in a fledgling industry the PPA will play a vital role in the development of the industry in the coming years. We also aim to:

  • Improve the standing, strength and influence of the sector in all areas of the play industry
  • Work continuously towards the adoption and implementation of current and future British Standards including BS 8409 and EN 1176-10 which apply to the industry
  • Actively encourage our members to participate in our work with the aim of creating a stronger, more successful industry

Photo : PPA Committee

The PPA is committed to raising industry standards which in turn enhance the customer visitor experience

Member of the Play Providers Association strive to go beyond the recommended industry guidelines. Critical in this has been the establishment of the PPA Code of Practice which all the members conform to. This key document ensures the safety and enjoyable experience of all customers and staff and the PPA hopes to create a ‘badge’ that the public will always look for before visiting a play centre.

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